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Stupid - Mark Twain once said Golf is a waste of a nice long walk. (1 Viewer)

Apr 12, 2023
So what does that have to do with Everquest. I'm getting there. I took a muscle relaxer for my arm and a pain pill so I am taking the long way around the barn.

I've been fond of saying Everquest is my Golf as a way to justify the $500 a month tab it sometimes carries. Between my gold accounts, more gear for more classes than I need so I can support my secondary habit of helping everyone I can on the server. I'm not complaining it's just the phrase I use in truth I hate golf. At 260 lbs built like an NFL linebacker even at 53 I can whack a ball 300 yards just don't ask me where it's going to land when it comes off the club. It does have the courtesy to hold still for those of us blind as a bat unlike a baseball not on a tee.

Between my Sister and my friend I don't have the kind of time sink EQ required. I know that will change at some point. But to pass the time I've pulled out my XBoxS I don't have the reflex's for most games on GamePass or games I buy. I do end up building a Ravens Madden Ultimate Team every year. But I bought all the golf games. I can shoot 3 terrible holes that's about all the time I have.

I don't shout 4 but my ex wife did as our marriage got progressively worse that became 3 , 2 and needle dick! My worst fear even worse than marrying again is liking golf. Picture me dressed like Payne Stuart circa 1990. I can't I won't. What if I gave up EQ for golf this has to be the meds talking. The closest I've ever come to playing golf was beating the shit out of someone in college with the 9 iron in his bag in his house.
Yes football players get away with crazy shit. I'll do a whole story on that sometime.

Please if I buy Clubs someone in Houston kneecap me. Don't let me do it. Let me collect stamps first. My Mom did. They all burned in a fire. Irony.
Stupid - Mark Twain once said Golf is a waste of a nice long walk.

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