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IRL - Man, it's nice to be back (1 Viewer)

Jul 13, 2020
Anyone else hit hard by the recent winter storms that not-so-gently caressed North America? Now that that's over, it's nice to be able to jump back into EQ and get back to the grind. ^_^


Dec 29, 2017
I'm in Texas, was like 26 degrees less than a week ago, now it's almost 80 degrees lol. If not for the snow/ice I'd say it's fairly normal of Texas since it has it's own seasons which occur daily.
Nov 21, 2020
the snow and ice is no longer sliding off our garage metal roof, and the weight's made it so we cant open either overhead door anymore, the weight has sagged down to block them opening. on the house, where we have very steep metal roofing but at many angles and overlaps, the ice and snow backed up so much as to nearly flood the room we have all our chest freezers in. no roofleak per say, but the juncture between that room's roof(which is like a small addition) and the rest of the house. The ice and snow piling up too high and then unseasonably warm weather (its usually about 0F here all february long, not 30-45) is making that ice melt and refreeze over and over too. theres a mountain to climb to get out the door to the driveway now because it all let go last night and slid off the roof. one big block of solid ice about a foot square but sticking up nearly 3feet off the ground the way it landed..fun stuff. still not as bad as last winter. There was some disaster or another the first day of every month from a flood that knocked out half the state for days, some roads for weeks or even permanently on the first of november 2019 through the first confirmed covid case in the state on mar 1. This winter so far it's been weird, but natural-disaster-free, far as mother nature goes lol.

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