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Question - Low level bard travel hotkey (1 Viewer)

Aug 18, 2020
If you mean having invis, lev and movement, then the closest would be the level 51 song: Selo's Song of Travel. Which isn't quite the same as the AA because you have to keep singing the song ( 2 tick duration).
The 'safer' method would be using 2 songs: cast/twist Selo's Accelerating Chorus (lvl 49, has 2.5min duration), then keep Shauri's Sonorous Clouding (lvl 19) running. Does not include levitate.

Otherwise, level 5 Selo's is your friend. If you don't miss notes or change the song, I think someone else can cast invis on you and it won't break from the song.

For reference, Selo's Sonata AA is at level 76 with Shauri's Sonorous Clouding AA at level 91 or level 100 if you want levitate too.
Apr 9, 2018
Agilmente's Aria of Eagles +Selo's Accelerando. use /melody # #. There was some kind of bug with bard songs canceling out other's invisibility spells, so double invis or having some one cast invis on you while you play selo's might not work.
update. the bug seems to be gone. If your looking for a hot key /multiline ; /dismount ; /stop ; /cast Selo's Accelerando. if your running macro using twist you can add /stoptwist, mqp on, and follow me command using EQBC.

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