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Problem - Lag (1 Viewer)

Nov 12, 2021
Hi all and thanks for taking time to read this thread. So, I got a new laptop, an Alienware M16, Ryzen 7 with a 4050 with 32G memory. I even have a desktop with a 1080i. When I am running around the zones, grouping, regular things, there is no lag at all.

Once i start raiding, the lag starts and both my laptop and desktop lag so bad I have to gate out. I have turned off all the graphics, names, etc and still, the lag makes everything choppy to the point where I just gate out. SURELY the laptop AND the PC shouldn't be lagging? This has been going on for some time and I am at my wits end you guys. I don't know what to do.

A person I know and I watch him play has a intel 7 with 16g and a regular graphic card and he doesn't lag at all at all.

What am I missing here guys?

Thank you for your time!
pardon me asking but have you shut off ALL chat filters? in options and in each chat window etc? after the latest DX11 "fix" i had to shut everything off on raids as it was locking up my monster of a comp with only 2 groups in the instance ,,, for me it was the chat filters
  • Lower Graphics Settings:
    • Adjusting graphics settings can significantly impact performance. Experiment with lowering settings such as texture quality, shadow quality, anti-aliasing, and render distance. These adjustments reduce the workload on your GPU, resulting in smoother gameplay.
    • Keep an eye on settings like "Particle Effects" and "Post-Processing" which can also heavily tax your system.
  • Close Background Programs:
    • Open Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc on Windows) to see which programs are running in the background. Close unnecessary applications, especially those consuming significant CPU, RAM, or network resources.
    • Disable resource-intensive browser tabs/extensions and communication apps like Discord or Skype while gaming.
  • Update Graphics Drivers:
    • Visit the website of your graphics card manufacturer (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel) to download and install the latest drivers for your GPU. Updated drivers often include performance optimizations for newer games .
  • Optimize Network Connection:
    • Use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi to reduce latency and packet loss.
    • Close bandwidth-heavy applications like torrent clients or streaming services while gaming.

And as stated above
In addition to all the good suggestions above:

1) Make sure you've added an antivirus exception to your Everquest and Macroquest folders!
2) Make sure you've turned ON log file maintenance in either GINA or EQLP. Set it to archive at 250MB or so.
3) In-game /logint 1 to ensure the game isn't trying to write the log file instantaneously. This command will write the log file once per second which shouldn't affect your triggers too much.
4) Use TCPOptimizer and adjust the TCP/IP settings to minimize ISP traffic shaping which may be delaying ACKs. I use the attached settings on my Win11 system on a poor old DSL connection.
you have several posts with computer issues and lag and lockups and crashes.

it might be worth checking your memory and other hardware to see if you're having hardware failures.
Myysterio, thanks for the feedback. The log file remains very small, about 2mb. Now, in regards to your idea about advanced graphic settings. This is interesting. I took a deep dive once you mentioned it. I got this laptop from the factory, so it was all presets. I found that the settings #2 in the picture attached was set to Global setting? So I set it to the NVIDIA graphic card alone. This was the case for a lot of settings. I think some were set to integrated graphics?

Littch, I am not sure what settings they are to be set on exactly for best performance, but I adjust my image setting to the middle as it was at the far right “Quality” as in the picture below. I usually use the internet while raiding, so it was taking up about 2 gigs of memory. Drivers are up to date.

Eltai86, I turned off the new UI.

Bigdaddy, I added the log and some other stuff to the anti-virus exceptions and changed the log to /logint 1. Though I don’t know how to set it to 250MB.

Sic, yes I recall those issues. Those were on another computer. In fact, I am on the laptop now changing stuff so if this works, I am going to try these settings on that desktop that had been giving me issues for the longest time.

All in all, I changed a lot of settings, I apricated all your help. Changing settings and optimizing the video card is new to me I have not done this before.


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Whenever I raid some of my clients starts to lag out after a few long encounters. I’ve gotten rid most of the major offending culprits but it still happens after an hour or so. Reload clears everything out UI related and my FPS is back to 60 again.
I would highly suggest that if you suffer from lag issues, the first thing you should do is open task manager (or some other general system performance tool) on your system and see if CPU use or Memory use is jumping during the lag. You can even check your network adapter during those times too. If you see a spike in one, it can go towards fixing the problems.
My mileage,
I was having slow load times. slow zoning times. And a bit of lag.
So, I did the following 3 days ago:
- went into each of the directories I use for my characters, searched for eqlog, and deleted all of them. Some of them were in the embarrassingly high MB. I used to use logging for stuff, but now I don't.
- I then went into each of the directories I use for my characters, searched for eqclient ini, opened and searched for Log and made sure all of them said Log=0 aka it won't log when I log in.
And I just checked this, so do it here.
- while in the eqclient.ini file, then search for UseNewUIEngine, and turn the 1 to 0. If you do this in game, you have to log out and then back in.
- logged in each character and typed log <enter> to see that logging was now started and then typed log <enter> again to see that logging was off. I did that for each toon.

And my load times, zoning, and lag has mostly dissappeared. My zone times have really improved. And that makes me super happy.

Your mileage may very YMMV
I had the same issue when I SHRUNK my spam damage and heal windows to nothing, lag out like hell on raids, opened them up to a few lines of texts scrolling and hasn't happened since....
That has been a performance hit for 20+ years, min a chat window... can adjust the size to smallest fine, cant min it though. smarter people can maybe explain :shrug:
This is actually the first time I've heard of it. Killing a lot of bloatware, reducing encounter save on dpsadv, and remove new ui option really help mitigate it, but this completely solved it.
Problem - Lag

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