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News - Lag / Frame Skipping Issue - EQ and DX11 - Temp Fix (1 Viewer)

Oct 24, 2020
For all who suffer from lag and frame skipping when mouse looking, running through populated areas, a Dev posted on the EQ forums a temp fix until the roll out the actual fix

EDIT: If you play without using the patcher, then really you just have to modify the original Memory.INI file with the values noted below instead of making a new file. Because it won't get overwritten until patch day again which according to the post, they are going to make changes to this file during (presumably) the next update.

The post can be found HERE

Here is the text copied from the forum post if you just want to read it in this post:

Please try this work around. It should benefit players with modern recommended graphics cards.
  • Copy the EQ file Resources\Memory.ini
  • Rename your copy to Resources\Memory512.ini
  • Edit your copy as follows
    • Change these variables in this section to have the values shown:
  • Edit the EQ file eqclient.ini and add this variable under [Defaults] section:
  • Also find (or add) this variable under [Defaults] section and change its value as shown:
  • Run LaunchPad to launch EQ
Performance should be better!

For those who tried this, you can see that the Memory.ini file contains instructions and that there are a range of memory tuning possibilities. We'll be tuning Memory.ini default values to work better on modern machines in a future update.
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Oct 24, 2020
Yeah. I can’t believe how buried this info is. Should be pinned for everyone right at the top.
Yeah, no kidding right? When I stumbled across it, I just knew many people weren't going to see it. So, this post was made so more people can be helped with this situation. Since making this change, I showed marked improvement in the frame skipping. Thanks goodness.
Sep 18, 2017
Did this solution work?

Somewhat. Both my suggestions re: mipmapping and texture quality changes, along with these memory settings (taking them down to 1even) absolutely do help the day to day performance.
For several people however, they do absolutely nothing in a raid setting. I see my frames take a 50% drop (ish), still playable, in a raid. Once a raid is engaged, the game comes to a slideshow. the FPS reports the same but the game chugs badly. The closest I can observe, is the additional filters are the cause of the raid lag when an event is triggered. There is also additional "hitching" when triggered spawns/etc.. uh.. spawn. even in group.

TLDR: The settings help alleviate some problems but not everything
News - Lag / Frame Skipping Issue - EQ and DX11 - Temp Fix

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