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News - It’s time to usher in the next month in the Year of Darkpaw! (1 Viewer)

Nov 29, 2017

April is here, and that’s no joke!​

It’s time to usher in the next month in the Year of Darkpaw!​

Apr 01, 2024

Bristlebane may be trying to use his pranks on you, but we are serious when we say the fun is going on for the entire year!
We’ve got a ferocious giveaway item for this month! A Land Shark (see the header image) is the free item of the month! Make sure you log in and grab it on all your characters before it’s gone on May 1st! This shark will surely strike fear into the hearts of all who dare venture across its path!
We also have a new limited-edition item for sale in the Marketplace. This month’s item is a Coral Weapon Ornament set! It will be gone on May 1st, so be sure to grab it ASAP! Fret not; the Grakaw Mask, Orc Warrior metamorph wand, and Northern Desert of Ro Teleport Item are all available for purchase in case you missed them.

Coral Weapon Ornaments
March’s collection may be gone, but a new one has arrived! The Estate of Unrest – Unrest Cursed Objects collection will only be spawning in April. Be sure to get it done before then.
Lastly, the Anniversary Tower quest, Heroic Adventure, and merchant items will all be updated later this month on patch day; keep your eyes peeled for the coming article.
See you in game!
News - It’s time to usher in the next month in the Year of Darkpaw!

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