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Toast - I'm debating which to buy? (1 Viewer)

Apr 12, 2023
Seasons 1-8 Game Of Thrones on sale at Microsoft this week for $59

The Complete Series on DVD Baa Baa Black Sheep. Amazon $42 Not on sale

dont know what baa baa black sheep is but im still voting for game of thrones - unless baa baa black sheep has more boobs
Baa baa black sheep (I think it was renamed to black sheep squadron) is a great show. Based around Marine corp pilots stationed in the Pacific islands during WW2. Loved the show. Still have the opening theme song burned into my memory.

I watched all the BBBS episodes back in the day. It was a great WWII era show. What can I say, Robert Conrad was the "Man" back then. If you like nostalgia then this is a good choice. But if I was going to watch it again I would just DL it and save the money lol. Now GoT is a different story. Again I have to say I would just DL it (oh wait I already have it DL'ed lol). But seriously, you should buy the books instead. There is so MUCH detail in the books that isn't covered or ADDED into the movies. George RR Martin is one of those authors that only comes along so often. He is what I call an "excellent" writer. And the books have a flow to them that can't be duplicated in the movies. The show's script writers took a lot of "literary discretion" in seasons 2-8. Way too much discretion as far as I am concerned. Season 1 was pretty true to form from the book, so it was ok. Just like what your watching now (Shogun), nothing like the book, I mean how do you reduce a 1100 page book to 8 hours of movie? Can't be done.

Just an old man's opinion about the state of Hollywood. Don't get me started lol.

Toast - I'm debating which to buy?

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