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Toast - I just hit 1000 reactions (1 Viewer)

Apr 12, 2023
Over 1050 now It's hard to believe I've only been here since like February. So 8 folks gave me a taco. That's about what I could eat. I thank Doc for most of those. Only 3 people gave me the angry face. I know I'm shocked too. I got a few sad faces from Durango. Sorry if I disappointed you a few times. I can honestly say I hang on every word you say. You always bring the wisdom. Sic I just waited to see what you said about things the first month I was here. Honestly I still do. Postleaf thanks for all the thumbs up. It doesn't have to be a red cent to be positive reinforcement. An_Image we miss you man. Haven't seen you in a while. I'm reading your 12-18 man Raid Guide now. I may pick that sharp brain of yours. I made some great friends with these first 1000 reactions. I hope above all else I can continue to do that.
Jun 25, 2023
Lmao, I was writing a reply that you just have to get a post moved by sic but careful not to get it moved to flippy. And I noticed you just tried. Grats anyway!
Sep 23, 2015

I am just old, and it takes me awhile to pick up on things. I seriously didn't know that you give a "reaction" to someone's post. Shit it took me months to figure out how to give a Redcent to someone. I promise to do better in the future.

Anyways grats on that thousand mark.


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