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Request - I*d like to you hire you, $100/Hr, Worked with Redbot,EQMule,Treehuggingdruid.... (Scam?) (1 Viewer)

Dec 24, 2017
I have gotten a personel message from a new member eq1984. This seems very random as I am not exactly well known around her and have asked more questions then I have answers for.

I*d like to you hire you, $100/Hr, Worked with Redbot,EQMule,Treehuggingdruid....

I've previously worked with some of the greatest minds on this website to setup my Everquest every time I return.
This time around I figured id try working with someone else and trying to learn something new.
I struggle with Autism and some other learning disabilities, MacroQuest is very hard for me.
I'm looking for some help teaching me the basics again (IE: I cant get an EQBCS window to open even though im clicking START EQBCS) to get a single group up and running in a spot it can play itself all the way to 115.
I have plenty of gear, im on a server that doesn't mind boxing, I Just need help setting up a SK,Ranger,Magex2,Cleric,Enchanter to the point where they can level to 115 and run through missions without running into walls and such.
I'm willing to pay $100/HR if you're interested?

Has anyone else received this? I am very skeptical and I thought I should share with the community.


May 5, 2016
hrm I got the same msg - I assumed it was a genuine request for help and send him a msg that I would be happy to help /shrug
Jun 16, 2019
Holy shit! In that thread he’s talking about a 70+ mage army!
I’ve always assumed those were made up by angry people on DGB forums, but I guess I was wrong.
I guess that’s impressive


Oct 15, 2004
I may have helped him in the past but aside from a monthly sub to RG I don't accept $. I don't recall any personalized help from that user, but I do set up a lot of people.

Users are of course welcome to post requests in the Requests forum, paid or otherwise.
Aug 12, 2018
If he can make that many mages and buy them all expansions, plus purchase high end stuff in the tunnel and offer $100 to do this then he is my long lost father$$$

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