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Problem - I can't use my merc?

Mar 14, 2024
When I try to pop my merc, it says: "You can not unsuspend your mercenary because there are too many players". My group is not full. I auto-logged in 6 players. But they are not in my group. Using kissassist and real vanilla.
that would mean the zone has many players, then they limit the number of mercs there can be, in the zone hierachy the mercs ake up a slot just like a player would, so they can have 20 players and 20 mercs in zone, but not 40 players and 20 mercs

so you get hit with the limiter
Hmm on the patch February 21, they have this note:

Zones will no longer auto-suspend mercenaries due to being over capacity.

So I wonder if you need to make a bug report over there so they know its still happening.
Problem - I can't use my merc?

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