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Question - How's my DPS? Parser Question! (1 Viewer)

Sep 21, 2021
I've not seen a good DPS Parser thread lately. What are you guys using for this nowadays? Is GamParse still the big dog in the fight? What about that Plugin from 2012? What are you guys having the best results with?
Aug 1, 2021
Been using EQ Log Parser as well. Really enjoy the overlay and easy setup.

Good way to know which of my box is slacking!!!
Druids with mana are crazy good dps but that lasts for like 1-2 pulls, then back to waiting on regen....
Mar 1, 2020
ok can someone explain to me how to download EQlogparser ? I clicked on link above from Gaelic takes me to eqlogparser / at master kauffman but i do not see a dowload button i see files but no download install here type thing ..

I figured it out .. also had to download 6.net framework from windows ..

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