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Question - How Do I Use EqMule's Fork of KA?

Jun 16, 2019

I see the mac sitting in my macros folder, but what do I need to do in game to run it? For example, (/mac //kissassist pullertank xxx) how should this be different?

Also, Do I use a seperate ini? I noticed there was additional functionality, so I would love to try it out. Thanks guys!
Apr 12, 2015
it would be the same as kissassist /mac kissassist10045e15 pullertank Etc, i make it simple and rrename that file to kissmule so i dont have to type out that long kissassist file name.
and it does use the same .ini as regular kissassist
Mar 9, 2017
It's a branch from ka10 as noted above, so I'd suggest using a fresh ini instead of overwriting your ka11 one.

/mac Kissassist1004e15 ini kissassist_Gandalf_two.ini

Like 95% of the stuff is still the same but it uses the older conditions, older rez entries in Heals and adds a bunch of new ini options (use lull spell on pull, scatter random spacing so melee don't look so botty after fights, secondary priority pull list to kissassist_info.ini)

You can read about it in the mod description and options post.

I'd also suggest looking up eqmule's 110 wizard ini. He has both a eqmule and KA11 version of the wizard ini in the post, so you can see how the conditions would need to change. I think deathlock also has a similar eqmule/KA11 version of his SK ini's in a couple different posts.