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Question - Help using a Mage and Cleric to PL some lower toons. (1 Viewer)

Dec 3, 2020
I have a 115 mage and a 114 cleric and I want to PL some other toons. I will be using my mage pet as the tank. The mage has good high-end gear and <30k AA. The 4 to be leveled are 85s. My main goal is to level my SK. After that I would like to level the others.

I'm looking for suggestions on where to go - I thought maybe Frontier Mountains? Should I even use an assistant on the Mage? if so which one, and why? on the cleric I have CWTN. On the 4 to be leveled I planned on pausing / not starting any assistants. Making the SK and BL feign. Making them invs, etc. My biggest concern is what would help with the mage?
Oct 5, 2020
A 115 mage and 114 cleric can easily hold a sarnak camp in FM. Just group with the toons that need the PL and kill kill kill. I would recommend using Rgmerc on the low level toons. They will ge their skill ups and add some mediocre DPS.
Jul 8, 2020
Agree with SomeTester. take a fort camp, pull 3 or 4 on ur pet, stack up the dmg shield and rain them. around 90 or 95 start makgint he minis assist, they will need skill ups
Nov 30, 2019
I always PL my toons in FM from 85-105 takes about two days. After that I go back to any ToV T1 zone and farm there till 110 and that should be another day or two. By the time you get to 110 you should have a nice pile of gear to put on. Then you can do the hero, merc, and partisan for the rest of the T1 and T2 zones that should get you to about half a level from 115 the rest you are gonna have to slough thru. I use a mac overseer to level during my downtime or as an addition, i get about 5% at 114 per 5 quest cycle.

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