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Request - Help advice creating a updated bard kite macro (1 Viewer)

Jan 1, 2009
I need some help with creating a macro I had some ideas for but unsure if its possible to do.

I want to have MQ2Nav create a camp with way points around my bard to pull to
The way points should make a circle that the bard will gather mobs back to and do a object collision check before creating the pull with a radius of 45 50 max.

Is there a guide on using MQ2Nav to create pull paths ect?

i want the bard to then run out and pull 15 or so mobs back to the kill zone

I want the mobs to be pulled from a wide area and then gathered while avoiding collisions as much as possible with nearest mobs.

Once the mobs are gathered the bard will circle backwards* and trigger DA group song to tighten up the grouping and not die while setting up the kite.
The bard will then start dotting and charming mobs in the pack when the pet mob is about 10% it will use aa invis to break charm dot the pet rinse and repeat.

Additional functions it will watch tor cast messages of targets in the group it will prioritize charming the casters first or highsun them out of the pack.

additional option in the macro merc control of healer merc to auto flip from passive to reactive on near death so if your soloing your merc will rez you.
Auto fade on low hp

* The reason for backwards circle is the use of tick tock bombs and VGS yes im aware its nerfed but still semi usable.

Im doing this manually right now to help pl a few friends and some of my alts in lower zones

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