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Question - Group makeup (1 Viewer)


Aug 27, 2015
I was thinking of running a 5 man group with my brother being the 6th (he doesn't like to box characters), Is a cleric merc viable up to 120 or will I want to have an actual cleric? I was thinking SK, Bard, Zerker, Enchanter(his character), Mage, Cleric merc. How would that group hold up? We're playing on Test server.
If you're boxing 5, you might as well have a real cleric. A merc is OK, but it's going to be a limiting factor at 120 (possibly earlier). I used cleric mercs for a long time, basically refusing to make a real cleric because I don't like them. Now that I have one, I'll never go back to mercs.
Question - Group makeup

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