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Question - Group makeup (1 Viewer)

Aug 27, 2015
I was thinking of running a 5 man group with my brother being the 6th (he doesn't like to box characters), Is a cleric merc viable up to 120 or will I want to have an actual cleric? I was thinking SK, Bard, Zerker, Enchanter(his character), Mage, Cleric merc. How would that group hold up? We're playing on Test server.
Dec 29, 2022
If you're boxing 5, you might as well have a real cleric. A merc is OK, but it's going to be a limiting factor at 120 (possibly earlier). I used cleric mercs for a long time, basically refusing to make a real cleric because I don't like them. Now that I have one, I'll never go back to mercs.

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