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Question - Group comp advice (1 Viewer)

May 30, 2024

I'm leveling two groups at the moment and got the 12 following classes: WAR SK CLR SHM ENC MAG BRD ROG RNG BST MNK BER
They level 75-80 - on live - F2P accounts - close to zero AAs

I'm curious how would you arrange two groups with this class mix?

I'm currently running
I got a question about AAs btw.

What are the absolute essentials to get on F2P with 250AA limit?

I'm thinking about:
Archetype-Mnemonic Retention to get extra gem slots (stop at the 5th that costs 150 points)
General-Mystical Atuning to get extra buff slots over the 17 limit

what other AA are vital?
You're going to hit a serious wall if you try to keep tanks F2P. The 250AA limit and the lack augs is going to be a serious problem for you. The other classes not as much, but you're going to feel some pain with the tanks. It's worth it to sub them for at least one month to max AA if nothing else.
I was more interrested in "unique" abilities that are only available through AAs. Being more tanky sure is nice but I dont really want to spend all my 250/250 AAs into tankyness and then realize there was an important ability missing (another example would be mass group buff which i dont really need) that is only available through AA.
For example I got a silver returning account with 1200AAs from back in the day and with only 9 spell gems (1 extra unlocked) and 22 buff slots (5 extra unlocked). I would easily give up all the powercreep AAs to get more spell gems or buffslots on that char.

and then about the SK-SHM & WAR-CLR comment: is that an endgame oriented comment? what spell is the instaheal you talking about? is that smth I should be worrying about on my L80 F2P toons?
Question - Group comp advice

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