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IRL - Fresh Install of EQ (1 Viewer)

Jan 26, 2019
So, I was looking at "How Large is EQ" and I decided I wanted to clean up my folders (I have two of them; one for my "main stuff" of about six characters and another for "everything else" as I try to PL toons up to raid able). Both folders have existed as long as EQ (almost), ha ha. I literally have kept the same folders and just copied them via external HDDs or Thumbdrives for years. I ***KNOW*** that there are folders and files that EQ must have optimized at some point, so are now defunct.

My question is: What files would I need to copy from the bloated folders to a fresh install to get the same "feel"? By this I mean that I've tweaked my UIs and such to the point that I even have a junk toon in each folder that I use as a template for Macros and such when I either get something new from RedGuides or when I write an EQ Macro that I want to copy to all toons.

Any ideas would be helpful and thanks for all that everyone does here!

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