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Question - Exp % in chat (1 Viewer)

Dec 13, 2022
Ok, another UI issue. Since the patch and some other things I’ve seen all kinds of silly stuff. Anyways…..

I just noticed on my driver toon and only him I see the group experience message in my chat window but not the experience %. As in <You receive group experience (0.004%)> this isn’t showing but it is on all my other toons.

I have no clue if this is a MQ UI thing or an EQ thing. And as much as I’ve messed with my UI and settings I’m afraid to even look. I use the zilz UI that sic uses if that makes a difference.

Thanks all,

If I'm understanding... This past patch messed up some of the chat channel settings for spells, mellee and some other things. The exp message and the AA message are on two different filters. One of them is FILTER > EXPERIENCE MESSAGE and the other is FILTER > OTHER > OTHER YELLOW I believe.
Question - Exp % in chat

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