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Problem - everquest wont load past sever select when mq2 is running what am i doing wrong ? (1 Viewer)

Oct 7, 2015
ok after remoting-in for the past few hours I have figured out the issue.

it was an eqclient issue causing mq2nav, mq2moveutils and mq2melee to crash

@dannuic had the awesome idea to check keybinds and i was able to demonstrate that backslash being assigned as a keypress to autorun was causing the issue.

removed that and no more crash.

@Nedus do you have an azerty keyboard by chance? french canadian keyboard?
That's some amazing work troubleshooting to find that issue. I've used key bindings to the backslash key for years without any issues. Mostly for hot button multi-binding though. Never tried the autorun function before!

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