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Macro - EQEmu - turboLoot macro (1 Viewer) 1.8b

Feb 9, 2018
bruise submitted a new resource:

EQEmu - turboLoot macro - EQEmu

Attached is a mac I made for EQEmu servers. I've searched high and low for a good loot macro that was A) fast, B) simple to configure and use. No ini needed, just configure the variables inside the macro to suit your needs. I've tried to keep the mac as simple as possible with documentation for each variable you can adjust and how to do so.

I currently run 2 copies of the macro; one for my main and one for alts. There are several ways to use different copies while not needing to change your...

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May 2, 2011
Looks good, but I have a couple issues.

1. after it tries to loot, the macro ends.
2. I want it to loot everything, how can I do that?
3. it seems to announce the loot, but does not loot anything.

Think I figured it out, had to change the vendor price to 0
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