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Question - eqbc to ignore real players? (1 Viewer)

Sep 28, 2020
Hi there

Apologies for being a total noob at this, and i know this is prolly a dumb question but after searching I cant find the answer.

So ive just started to use this, with vanilla mq2 etc. I have 5 account, one of which is played by my wife (real), trouble is when i press the 'follow me' button on the group window, I get an error saying that 'mywifestoonname' couldnt be found, and none of my toon will there for follow.

Come to me works, so i keep on having to stab that instead, is there a way to get eqbc to simply ignore the 'real' toon thats not connected to it?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for being thick!

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