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News - Epic done! (1 Viewer)

Oct 4, 2005
OK - so if you guys have worked out the amount of time I've been posting since returning, I've just hit 56 with my group and managed to finish the Shammy Epic for clicky Goodness!

I know it's slow but that's my first "Oh shit yeah" moment! Took a number of fuck ups including falling through floors on floating platforms, starting the patience test about four times cos I had to go out and pick the kids up/ go to hospital etc and miss spawns! Then, due to my lack of gear/ plat, I almost failed the final fight as my merc ran out of mana lol - still... one thing less to worry about but having so much fun!

Think I need to concentrate on levelling to 65 next just so it'll make these little moments easier in future but the lack of decent drops is killing me - still in Ornate defiant pieces (level 40)! LOL
Dec 27, 2022
Congrats, nicesandwiches! It's moments like that that keep me going and helping to feed the addiction! Now to keep the epic train rolling and get the next :)
Aug 12, 2018
Gratz! Epics are still Epic accomplishments!

And don't worry about being in defiant. Its really the best gear for you until upper 70's ish. Then you can start looking at better drops or quested gear. I like Oceangreen Hills cause it has both. A nice quest gear and some nice dropped gear.

Don't forget Franklin Teek. Get the Daily tasks and grab as many as you can. Drop down and do ones even 15-20 levels below you. You will get gear you can resell or tribute, some exp, These go to 95 where you can get extravagant armor- free
News - Epic done!

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