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Macro - Endless Mana for MQ2Mage (1 Viewer) 1.9

Oct 31, 2019
Maybe I described my wish in an uncomprehensively manner.
As the last version is written in lua, it could do an infinitive loop, waiting for the mage to get l,ow on mana, and than start to recover the mana.
As far as I could unterstand, actually 1 call of MM will do 1 cycle of manarecovering and than end its service for this time.
To have it work all amgic, you need somethiong else to start it again, once you get low on mana.

As Lua it can run contemporary with all else running, so it could be extendet by a main-loop waiting for the mana to get low.
Sep 27, 2020
I set up a react for it a long time ago (I think it monitors mana level and combat state). But if you want to have it monitor mana and kick off the cycle at that point, feel free to have a go at the changes. I'm in the middle of another project and really don't have the time to tackle this. As hellfyre eludes to, some sort of config file will be necessary to keep track of the mana level. And probably also one for whether to do the mana recovery while in combat (maybe even taking into account if doing this in a raid/mission vs normal group grinding).
Jun 2, 2022
has anyone got this to work when using Hunter Tank mode on your mage? For me it will not trigger the macro. When Mage gets to the low mana threshold he just sits and meds. Is this because of how Hunter Tank works?

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