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Question - Consolidating Collectible Houses (1 Viewer)

Aug 12, 2018
I did mine alphabetically. So first house is A thru H etc.

Then I used the character that had the Deep Caverns Collectors case since it holds so many. Took him around each house and loaded up all the ones starting with A or B or C etc. Then he put them in the assigned house. Rinse, repeat

If you use more than that one character then when you put the items back into the houses each character will have his own stack. So use one to cut down on stacks.

I believe there is a macro since someone on the "other" forums accused a guild mate of clearing out all the collectables using some sort of "tool" and this is something I hope never to see again:

Namely by taking the alts in their bot teams and grabbing all the collectibles on their alts with a single click using . It was obvious the person was using as they removed every item from the house and placed them back after taking them rather than checking if they needed it and taking only one if they did. I sadly admit, I ran with and a bot team for about 6-7 months last year before giving it up after being suspended on 6 accounts so I'm aware of the program the person used. I used it a few times for my main in the 6-7 months I used .
Oct 23, 2018
I have 5 houses full of collectibles i need to clean up, anyone got any good macros/tools/tips for consolidating and cleaning them up?
I use shiny

I have the plots that is shaped as a U in Sunrise Hills. Started with 1 house per expansion but have put some expansions together to fit them all in the houses.

for example
/mac shiny put
add if some is there already
/mac shiny put TBM
add all TBM collectibles from inventory
reads the collectibles from shiny.ini
/mac shiny get
get missing collectible and put it in inventory
reads the missing collectibles from shiny_${Me.Name}.ini
/mac shiny get click
get missing collectible and CLICK it
/mac shiny grab
grab everything in the house (type=V)
/mac shiny grab <expansion (TBM|RoF|etc> <get/put(default)/owner) | dump
grab by expansion, whole stacks (type=V)
reads the missing collectibles from shiny_${Me.Name}.ini
/mac shiny owner
make you the owner of everything not placed/housing
/mac shiny check TBM
check that all the collectibles is for TBM
/mac shiny dump
dump all collection items to housing

As a side note:
I also use shiny.mac for dumping tradeskill items into houses also. If I stand at my silk/pelt house and
/mac shiny put
it drops all silk and pelts from my inventory that is also existant in the house. Super easy
Jul 10, 2018
Assuming you haven’t clicked any TOL collectibles,
1. open up TOL collections on your achievement window
2. run /mac shiny gather
3. find the output in collections.ini
4. open shiny.ini
5. copy the header format from COV (2 rows) , and modify for TOL ie, name and number collectibles in expac
6. copy the results from collections.ini into shiny.ini
7. save shiny.ini
8. rinse and repeat for NOS

enjoy Jande’s great work for a few more expacs

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