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IRL - Considerations for a new State to live in? (1 Viewer)

Sep 21, 2021
I am starting a plan to move my company (and family) corporate office to another state. California is getting too ridiculous as far as business costs and taxation along with cost of living. Anyone have any suggestions on what state to move to? I have lived in California my whole life.

Tell me if you have any good ideas for me? This won't happen for around 2 years as there is a lot of planning to do for the move. But, need to start mapping things out now.

Thank you everyone for any input you can provide! 🙏

EDIT: My comment about tell me some good ideas doesn't seem to be working well as everyone has a different idea and ultimately want me to define exactly what I am looking for. So let me edit by saying "Tell me where you live and why you like it". This vantage point may work better for what I am trying to achieve with this post.
Best advice I can give is to pick a place that you wont feel you have to 'change'. And remember try hard not to turn the new place into the place you fled from.


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May 27, 2012
That is a difficult question.
May be you should try to list the things that really matter for you.
For example:
Child education
Income tax
Company tax
Real estate
Cost of living
Languages spoken

Then see what is possible.
There are many many decent places to live.
I never lived in US, from my perspective all Us states are like New York or Los Angeles.
Jun 8, 2017
From what OP has said, North Carolina seems like a good pick. It's a big state with lots of red-voting areas and lots of land, but also several major cities with medical universities and abundant healthcare infrastructure. The only severe weather is the occasional hurricane, which is about as good as you're gonna get in the USA. Winters are relatively mild so you're not going to be buried in snow but summers aren't scorching with multiple days at or above 100 in a row most years. The East coast is still good for rainfall so you're probably not seeing the extensive wildfires either. The biggest issue coming from Cali would be adjusting to the humidity, which could be anywhere from moderate to severe in the summer months depending on the local topography.

NC also recently dropped their state income tax rate a couple of basis points if that sways your decision at all.

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