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Question - Coming Back now what?


New member
Jan 25, 2019
So im thinking about coming back but i have a few decisions i cant seem to decide on yet... I started in Vanilla and left during Ldon. i played a monk raiding 7 days a week and boxed a shaman... so where should i start now...???

Do i play on live or TLP or and on live do i go to FV. i like the idea of getting raid gear through Bazaar wouldnt actually mind raiding as well

Do i box duo trio 6 box ?

My End game goal is to main one toon but i have limited time during some days and would like to get exp going asap when i decide to log on... id like to run current group content and just farm my lil heart out... which is why i lean towards boxing then eventually get a character into raiding..

Id like to hear some feedback and opinions based on experience.
Jul 1, 2015
You could go in the middle and 3 or 4 box I actually 4 box right now and sometimes group with others might turn it into a 6 box. If you liked your monk in the past you could box war mnk shm brd and then raid on the monk again when you max out.
Mar 24, 2018
Test is an option too, everything is free. I prefer Live though. The population (on some of them) is decent so you can find a guild to play with and do raids in the high levels. Getting to the high levels can be hard going though, which to me makes MQ2 essential. And if you are going to use MQ2, you may as well run a whole group of 6. You get more XP that way, and you can go anywhere and do anything because of how strong it is. Any quests or dungeons you feel like doing, you take your group there and slay everything. MQ2 will make them all play automatically and you just lead the group.

Also it means that once you get to max level and want to group with real people and do raids, you have a choice of which of the 6 characters you can take.

It still takes a fair bit of time and effort to get to max level and to setup MQ2 into a well oiled machine. But you can do it, especially if you tweak the MQ2 settings as you play.