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Tech - Cheap0 Laptop for 18 box (1 Viewer)

Sep 7, 2020
I would like to buy a cheap ($1000 max) laptop to efficiently run an 18 box. I know a lot a lot of computers will run some but I’m having problems getting more than 30 reliable on my main box so I wanted to branch off another 18.

Please reply with suggestions/links.

Thanks in advance


Veteran member
Jun 2, 2022
Any used Asus Rog Strix laptop will do honestly.

Big fan of Asus. I have a 16” Strix Scar with the new Ryzen cpu and RTX 3060. I picked up almost a year ago, but my setup would not meet your budget cap. I would imagine you Are going to hook up the laptop to an external monitor. Check around and see if any resellers have new inventory that is “last year’s” model. They tend to have a discount to move inventory. I use a boutique reseller for laptops. The name is hidevolution.com they often have clearance items under $1000 that were over $2000 originally.

Be well. Happy gaming.

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