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Funny - Catch a train. (1 Viewer)

Apr 18, 2021
Just saw a reddit post on some one asking if fd training some ones camp to steal their named is a punishable offense and I laughed.

20 plus years since I've last seen a complaint about that, I had almost forgot that was an issue. I guess some things never change. There will always be douche bags, just different flavors of douche bags but it's nice to see an oldie but goodie come back for tlp lol. I haven't seen a train to steal a camp since my days in seb and guk. Glorious.

The author of the post seemed so innocent and genuinely frustrated. As soon as I read it the only thought I had was "Welcome to EverQuest, bitch." I couldn't help it, I laughed out loud.
People are people everywhere you go. I've always liked Bill & Ted's philosophy: Be excellent to each other.

There is a difference between accidentally training someone and intentionally training someone though.
Everyone I have encountered since coming back almost 2 months ago has been chill. Even got cussed out by some one I accidentally trained in crystal caverns who was in a morphed version of an old school upscale snotty ass guild. I apologized, then they apologized for losing their cool and advised me.
I agree. Most of the people on live are cool.

Unfortunately, there are a hand full of MQ users who are ass hats. They are the ones that give the rest of us a bad name.

They are the ones spamming the severs offering PL/raid loot ( now epics due to epic lazy script ) .

There are also the ones who leave their characters logged in AFK XP'ing / grinding names, etc.

We had someone just a week ago bitching about how they'd spent ~ 2 hrs cycling mobs to get a named to spawn, only to have a MQ team make a bee line to the named and race them for it.
Funny - Catch a train.

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