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Patch - Borderless Windowed Fix (1 Viewer)

May 25, 2024
Hello All,

With the arrival of the recent patch 06/19/2024, the option to overlap Windows taskbar works again. This means you can offset fullscreen windowed mode to hide the title bar with the below settings for 1080 in eqclient.ini:


It may be different for 1440 but I can not test it.

Being unable to play in borderless windowed mode and having alt+enter as the only option was a little annoying when starting around a month ago. The client would minimize when tabbing out and quite a few problems would pop up. With this the game's become more enjoyable for me.

I tried searching for solutions before but found none other than configuring MQ to autologin with ISBoxer.

Hope this helps!
Patch - Borderless Windowed Fix

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