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Question - BC commands without a carriage return? (1 Viewer)

Sep 25, 2017
Is it possible to create an EQBC command without a carriage return at the end of it so that you can add more text? For example, I would like to create a hotkey with the following line:

//bcga //travelto

And then be able to put on the name of the zone. Or

/bcga //say

And then what I want them all to say.

Is this possible?
I'm not sure I'm getting the question, but you could always do something like /bca //say abcd and it would work just fine. I use that instead of the mimmic me button all the time when snagging quests and what not.
you just make aliases that have the first part

/alias /gogo /bcga //travelto

then you can just do

/gogo poknowledge

and it would get interpreted by the alias
but already /travelto group poknowledge would do the same basically
Question - BC commands without a carriage return?

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