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Question - Bard or no bard (1 Viewer)


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Mar 18, 2016
I am trying to make sure im not at a DPS loss when it comes to completing and non-competitive 4box. Right now i have tank/heal/rogue/bard and was curious if having the bard was a bad choice and instead should replace him with a berzerker or another rogue. Im sure it performs fine i was just simply curious what others thoughts were
Mar 1, 2022
if you are very new to MQ the first question I would ask you is how comfortable are you with editing code etc? ... kissassist involves some editing of ini files ... i personally suck with that stuff rofl ... so for the first while i used rgmercs for my bards until they were maxed level and had some hefty aa ... I thaen worked on creating the KA ini and switched to kissassist once i had learned all the other facets of mq ... just a suggestion.

Kissassist is incredibly powerful but comes with a learning curve ... rgmercs you can turn it on right out of the box and it will function generally
Thank you for the starting place that's exactly what I was looking for and yeah the coding and setting all that up total novice. When I first started boxing which was this year I made it a point to go to the youtube channel from @Sic and watched all of the videos about setting up and learning the basics, so I wasn't asking a bunch of really dumb questions that had already been explained 50x. Will take a look into rgmercs and possibly start dipping my toe in Kissassist.

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