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Question - Autotrade (1 Viewer)


Dec 29, 2017
Would ask that you are more specific with your request. Are you using a specific plugin or macro to achieve the "autotrade" feature you're talking about? If so, which one?
If you are referring to mq2autoaccept. I have not personally had any issue with the plugin.
Apr 30, 2019
What I found is that it is case sensistive
/autoaccept BaTweEd66 wrong
/autoaccept batweed66 correct

It has to match your ingame character name and there the first letter is always capitalized.
Mar 2, 2019
I have actually found that Trading occasionally (More often than Not) will cause me to lose the ability to use my Mouse for anything
I do not see an autoaccept trade on setting in any INI files, but attempting to trade anything with a character that has any macro actively running will cause that character (again, more often than not) to lose mouse clicking and hovering abilities until a zone change occurs.
This does not occur if the macro is paused however.
I do not need some knucklehead coming into camp and trading something with my characters and locking me from the ability to use my mouse for anything.

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