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Question - Audio On Focused Window Only? (1 Viewer)

Jan 19, 2007
Is there any automated way to have audio turn off on background EQ windows and only give audio to the focused window? That way when I switch to different characters in the foreground I don't have to fiddle with their settings to get sound on/off?
Oct 3, 2014
ISboxer lets you create different game .ini for each character. This way you can toggle music off on any but your play character.

Dunno if theres a way to switch this depending on what window is in foreground and what isnt tho.
Jul 22, 2018
unless there's a tool that will suppress background audio that exists outside the eq/mq2 ecosystem, your best bet is to set sound for your main character and mute all the other characters.


Well-known member
Jun 28, 2016
You could just drop a sub in your Main loop to set any EQ window in the foreground to load whatever your desired sound settings are and to turn all sound settings off when in the background.
Slider values are base 5 iirc, so to set your volume to 50 on slider values you'd use 10, something like this would work I think. I'm not logged on to test it but if it doesn't work let me know.

    Sub Main
        /call AudioHandler

    Sub AudioHandler
        /if (!${EverQuest.Foreground}) {
            /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_SoundRealismSlider newvalue 0
            /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_MusicVolumeSlider newvalue 0
            /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_SoundVolumeSlider newvalue 0
            /if (${Window[OptionsGeneralPage].Child[OGP_EnvSoundsCheckbox].Checked}) /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_EnvSoundsCheckbox leftmouseup
            /if (${Window[OptionsGeneralPage].Child[OGP_CombatMusicCheckbox].Checked}) /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_CombatMusicCheckbox leftmouseup

        } else {
            /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_SoundRealismSlider newvalue 10
            /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_MusicVolumeSlider newvalue 10
            /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_SoundVolumeSlider newvalue 10
            /if (!${Window[OptionsGeneralPage].Child[OGP_EnvSoundsCheckbox].Checked}) /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_EnvSoundsCheckbox leftmouseup
            /if (!${Window[OptionsGeneralPage].Child[OGP_CombatMusicCheckbox].Checked}) /notify OptionsGeneralPage OGP_CombatMusicCheckbox leftmouseup

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