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Discussion - Armor for lvl 125 SK FV server (1 Viewer)

It depends on what content you are trying to do.
None of the group content is difficult and doesnt need raid gear...or try some of the older expansion raid gear.
When I started LS, I was 125 with a mix of T1 and T2 from..... the previous expansion. I walked into LS, focused on getting T1, ultimately T2 weapons first. Then I focused on T2 armor. Then I farmed augs. I didnt have any issues with that path. This was on a regular server. I'd go with what @armastevs said, get yourself a set of T1 gallant armor. Then I'd chase the T1 or T2 weapons and you'll be good to go.

If you need augs, there's lots of ways of doing that from running older content like CoV missions to get the coin and drops for them. Farming LS augs, I'd go with the underboss lazam for his STA aug that you can sell to the aug vendor for 350 laurion in ticket. He drops it alot. Or like others have said, farm LS missions, get some augs and Laruion tickets that way while you get your evolving neck.
Discussion - Armor for lvl 125 SK FV server

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