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Funny - Anyone Else overspend on PC to play EQ? (1 Viewer)


budget duke nukem
Jun 11, 2017
I built a new budgetish gaming PC back when Fallout 4 was released in order to play it, GTX-970 i5-6400 16Gigs of RAM, nothing fancy but enough to run that game well.

Still using it for EQ to this day, half expecting it to die soon but still chugging along being on for 12+ hours per day every day.
Aug 7, 2023
A more appropriate question for this merry bunch of boxers might be is there anyone who HASN'T overspent on their pc? I put 128 megs of crucial ddr4 ram in a mini PC in was a gaming mini pc mind you it was a ryzen 7 with v something dedicated graphics card and all the bells and whistles but i put another $300 worth of ram in it.
I spent a few hundred bucks last month just to max the RAM in 2 junk Laptops just so I could AFK farm Pet Simulator for my kid!!!!

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