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Question - Any way to stop all navigation /stick off etc

Feb 16, 2019
Hi Folks,

I'm trying to script the new EW hero task so each too can /stick Griklor uw 15 which is working fine even though a crap load of buttons to manage things...

The issue is my main seems to stick to griklor and I cant break out of it /nav stop /stick off and after mad panic of running back and forth finally seems to break it - sometimes /follow on another toon

All of this is a balls up because toons end up all over the place.

Any command to break all the follow and sticking?


Sep 2, 2019
I have not done this mission, so I don’t know whether you’re engaged and fighting when the cluster happens, but you can always /mqp on to pause all macros, maneuver yourself, then /mqp off to set things going again. And maybe you just need to do it on your main and set the others to /chase on?