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Question - Advice on box group. 6 from the start? (1 Viewer)

Feb 26, 2019
So I think with the 2024 tlps coming up I'd like to try something new (for me). I'm kicking around the idea of having a full group. Still going back and forth on the group comp but what I was wondering is: Do people who have box groups generally start with all 6 from the server start with one or two and gradually add to make-up the group? Obviously the first couple days I could see being a complete pita, even trying to log characters in and whatnot, plus competing for camps.
Starting with your 6 crew always seems to be the best recommendation but keep in mind that MQ is not going to be supported on truebox in case you were not aware.
6 box on the TLP is way too annoying IMO if you're not working a niche really hard. There are people doing it but IMO they have some sort of gig going that makes it worth it.

unless the TLP is not true box, i highly recommend just sticking to 2-3 chars at most. you can do basically anything in class-velious with a 3 box besides raiding. managing 6 without making yourself a ban target is very difficult. peitioning you is basically the meta-tactic for people to get camps they want, and the GM's actually do show up on those servers. ive been AFK checked even on solo characters for holding camps down. if you do it with no software assistance, its gonna suck to play and not be fun. if you do use software assistance, you're putting a big target on you.

my best method was a trio to level up, and i could hold 2-3 money camps with those once leveled with manual true boxing. did not feel like i was missing out at all on the other 3 chars
Question - Advice on box group. 6 from the start?

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