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Question - AA Advice for post Auto Grant 110 - for ShadowKnight SHD (ToV & 115) (1 Viewer)

Jun 7, 2020
Hi RedGuides

What priority should an SK give to purchasing AA ranks in the TBL and TOV expansions ? (post auto grant)

Previously the auto grant AA cap was at level 105 and shifted to 110.
(I think this was because it granted up to EoK expansion and now goes to RoS expansion earlier this year.)

Given the constraint of popping a krono, get the 30k+ AAs granted, then have ~ 30 days play to grind more AA and spend them before it locks. Also keeping in mind the free level cap at 115 and ToV expansion also involved. I am looking for some guidance from our community army of SKs out there!

Those that stand out to me include:-
  • Chattering Bones @ 25 per x3, increase summoned pet levels for fighting named.
  • Gift of Mana @ 50, spell range to 115 up from 110.
  • Harm Touch @ 40, increase instant and over time damage for fighting named.
  • Knights Synergy @200, group rune for 12000 instead of 6000, trigger from thwart instead of spurn
  • Scourge Skin, @ 50, increase DS from 2500 to 5000 for fighting named.
  • T`Vyl's Resolve @ 20 per x 2, increase damage
  • Vicious Bite of Chaos @ 30, inc damage and hp / mana / end recovered
I listed above, by alpha not priority order. I could be off the mark and there are other things of way more value.

If it influences at all, its KissAssist and think it is a VorpalChicken profile that it runs with.

Regards and Best Wishes


May 5, 2016
should always max out your synergy spell as a tank - i usually do this first
should max out your CA/CS asap in general
focuses - i will often manually do my primary ones even with aaspend going - like my pull ability i want that 0 cast time reduction asap
the other stuff

I try and approach it from "what is going to make getting other AAs easier"
Oct 12, 2015
  • Knights Synergy @200, group rune for 12000 instead of 6000, trigger from thwart instead of spurn
  • Vicious Bite of Chaos @ 30, inc damage and hp / mana / end recovered
The two of the AAs you listed above aren't terrible because they both will help the group out. That said, I'm a huge fan of Maxing the AAs that are NOT restricted by level/spells and, typically, Passive in all General, Archetype, Class, and Focus AA Tabs (i.e. Natural Durability, Burst of Power, Touch of the Cursed, Knight's Synergy, etc.)... then I also consider Dark Lord's Asia(heal) only to receive and use Dark Lord's Beza(absorb)... Leech Touch and Thought Leech are pretty nice heals in a pinch!

Just my two red:rcents.

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Oct 26, 2020
Synergy, then all your passive, then all dps...in that order...you are first and above all a punching bag so others can do damage and heal

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Feb 15, 2022
As "an_image" pointed out. Synergy 100%, passives, etc. Max out everything you can for survivability's sake as you can then make it easier for you to do more challenging stuff in-game for the phat lewtz!
Jun 7, 2020
Thank you everyone for the input.

I've bought "Knight's Synergy" and "Gift of Mana" so far.
It's great to see the synergy running in song window and MQ window talks of KA firing the GoM spells if they are ready!

I'm not sure about the Focus tab. Auto-grant takes the "focus: " to 5 of 12. It would take a couple of purchases to reach 7 of 12, which from the descriptions has the focus work on the ToV spells. That would be 200 AA.

Focus: Dire Declaration (7)This passive ability increases the base damage of your Dire Declaration, Dire Testimony, and Dire Indictment spells by 12%.
Focus: Spear of Vizat (7)This passive ability increases the base damage of your Spear of Vizat, Spear of Tylix, and Spear of Cadcane spells by 60%.
Focus: Touch of Holmein (7)This passive ability increases the base damage of your Touch of Holmein, Touch of Hemofax, Touch of Zlandicar spells and the benefits of Gift of Holmein, Gift of Hemofax, and Gift of Zlandicar by 12%.
Touch of Lutzen (7) This passive ability increases the base damage of your Touch of Lutzen, Touch of T`Vem, and Touch of Drendar spells by 12%.

Those spells ( Dire Indictment, Spear of Cadcane, Touch of Zlandicar and Touch of Drendar ) are what stand out when see the MQ reporting what the SK is doing fighting a mob.

What do you think of those, is there an order of priority to try get them in?
Is there things more important in the Archetype / Class tabs that should be considered before those passive spells gains in focus tab?

Regards and Best Wishes


Cookie Champion 2022
Sep 10, 2019
I think Holmein > Lutzen > Dire > Spear. Spear is just damage, while the other 3 are taps and Holmein is the line that gives you buffs that help survivability as well. You could also just go by what you see your macro casting the most, but I have to assume that's spear so I'd do that last of these 4.

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