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News - A few minutes with Maskoi 10-31-2018


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Mar 1, 2014
And yes - I think the "3 year old" comment fits VERY well ...
Jul 1, 2015
How many expansions will the "Luck" stat last before the devs phase it out/make it completely pointless/worthless?

Or maybe they'll change it into a Magic Find/Gold Find only.

I can't imagine how many issues just throwing this stat into the game will cause them. WoW removed % Crit Chance and made it into numbers that scaled differently then I think they removed that altogether because it was too difficult to balance it all. I can see Daybreak doing something similar with 'Luck'.

Also I kind of agree that they seemed completely uninterested with the Live Stream. They didn't even bother to explain Luck in detail when it sounds like a pretty big curve ball to be throwing at us. Things could go terribly wrong if they don't balance it properly and break the game for many people. I'll be really fucking annoyed if I have to stack 'Luck' on my tank now to be good...

Mostly just annoyed about Luck, otherwise the expansion sounds pretty good. Just with Daybreak's track history I can forsee Luck being an abysmal addition and not at all a good one.
Dec 29, 2017
That's kinda how I feel about the addition of corruption and chromatic resists. Once upon a time SvFire/Magic/etc/etc meant something. Then they changed how those are handled and Chromatic uses the lowest resist....but they also added corruption.....which there isn't much that handles that as a resist. So effectively making those other resists somewhat pointless because at lower levels it's not high enough to resist spells, and at higher levels those resists are used a lot less if at all. So in the end corruption resist is all that there is, and I don't know anyone who has max corruption resists personally.

Sounds like luck is going to end up being the same kinda thing. Unless they intend to incorporate luck into previous gear, then you'll only be able to get it from new gear, meaning until you're high enough to experience the new expansion you won't have luck? Does luck increase the base that we all innately have had all this time, or is it going to break a lot of stuff prior to it's addition?