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Problem - 5/17 Crashes Recent Patch (1 Viewer)

Jun 12, 2015
unfortunately its an eq issue with the new interface render system they released in that patch, its buggy at best, and tends to make crashy when running buncha accounts like you do.

we gonna be in that state until they figure out how to properly fix and work with the new system, but who knows if they ever will?
Aug 21, 2021
It's a long shot but try disabling the frame limiter or having it set to render every five seconds or so. I had a problem with high memory usage with eq instances that were being frame limited. Memory usage would rise until my pc ground to a halt. I say it's a long shot as it would happen to me without zoning so the symptoms appear to be different. Can't hurt to try though...

This is purely speculation on my part as I'm not an mq or eq dev but I suspect their new graphics engine is garbage collected and that using the frame limiter and having it set to not render means the GC doesn't run for eq instances that are in the background which causes memory usage to skyrocket.
Mar 19, 2018
I tried messing with the frame limiter while running many toons, it doesn't work, your PC will freeze/crash when you get enough loaded in if it's set to render the game scene or if the background FPS is set too high.

So we're pretty much SOL until EQ gets their garbage together.

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