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Isobelle, I have no clue who you are so I do not give you permission to write random crap in my amazing new thread on a forum that is pretty much dead and that I miss oh so much but I won't be actually comming back but only comming here once in a while to have a little bit of fun and do a bit of trolling.

To all the old RG's that miss me dearly and would pay me $1mil to come back and troll again, I'm sorry but I would have to decline. I am trolling other forums right now that I won't disclose unless through PM. I miss you all, and want you all to know that. LONG LIVE ME!!!!

Seriously though...my life since RG's:

1-Quit WoW(end of August '07), stayed on RG for a while but slowly left it because it was started to go slow and I just didn't play WoW anymore
2-Started trolling FB(Facebook) forums for stupid little applications. Found an application "WarBook" and did some great stuff there which included becomming the first person ever to sell gold in it and make $1,750 off of it. I was a SERIOUS troll(or as we called it, forum whore) but on FB forums there are no post counts :(
3-Stayed at WB(WarBook) for a while, then slowly left it as it was getting boring and the original people were quitting(I was somewhat with the original crowd).
4-Been doing random shit, got into other FB apps such as Mousehunt, Scratch&Win, and Pulltabs.
5-I am now begining to troll some other forums(i wont disclose them unless PM'ed) and have gotten into some other stuff in life(i wont disclose this unless through PM's) and now I am done my Junior year of highschool and now IT'S SUMMER!!!!

We aint dead! We got imba new mods who post quality stuff.. oh wait...

Tho I miss your trolling Generel =(
Isobelle, I have no clue who you are but trust me when I say you are the sole reason for my continued existence. Every morning I wake, and stare in the mirror wondering what it all means, and as i prepare to draw the razor along my pale and jaundiced flesh in an attempt to finally end it all, your avatar reminds me that life is worth living, if only to troll for one. more. day. god bless you iso, god bless you TO HELL.

/me waves at Generel.

Come troll on IRC :-) We are in need of a decent IRC troll since Jigglesworth got teh_boot.
Theres plenty to bitch about as well, like the failed experiment that is "RG2.0" and the merger with the notaddicted nublets and some all round 'tarded decisions.
Anyway, thats nothing.

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Pineapple?!!? He got ADMIN!?!?!?!

What the fuck happened to this place? :(

Anyways...gimmy teh info for IRC :)
Jeg synes det er underligt at i skriver i et så gammelt post. Nå jeg ville lige sige at jeg er pisse stiv og på job. Sidste dag HUHA. Fuck jeg har det skidt...

- decker
Блина... задолбали бампить старые топики! :(
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