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Tutorial.mac [Macro] Longest Tutorial Macro I've seen.

Quest / Event Tutorial.mac [Macro] Longest Tutorial Macro I've seen. 2021-05-01

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Updated a quest that would not finish if you ended the macro early.
Ideally this macro is meant to run from start to finish without intervention, i understand sometimes you lose connection or have to log out.
Updated some of the leveling mobs. Some warriors were too low level to actually level up on.
Updated Busted Locks to get the Locksmith's Key on the way back from Ruga instead of running back to flutterwing doing the turn in and then making another trip back to the jail.

Also, Big races need love too. Updated tutoriala.navmesh and tutorialb.navmesh to accommodate larger races.
Updated some clear targets
Update to tutorialb.navmesh or small races
Instead of just waiting for Ruga on a 15 minute spawn timer, will farm until he spawn.
Also, fixed an issue where if you had MQ2AutoLoot on it would use your loot.ini and screw up the loot for quest items you needed. Will now /autoloot turn off
Fixed error if autoforage is loaded to stop forage
added check to see if plugin mq2cast is loaded.
Updated nav loc to ruga that avoided dragging aggro. If Ruga was not up toon would pace back and forth over Ruga Spawn area. Now will just stand there and wait for spawn.
The macro wouldn't be complete without the Aug to put in that brand spankin' new weapon you just received.
Added the quest Kickin' Things Up A Notch.

After you finish all the other quests and receive your final weapon. You will run to McKenzie, get the aug and place it in your new weapon.
Updated to eliminate any spiritweaver in the area of Gnikan, otherwise they will continue to heal Gnikan while you are trying to kill him.
Updated the pathing to Ruga to avoid dragging three mobs from lower section with you to Ruga and his two body guards.
Updated where the Queen would not be found due to being invisible.