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Tutorial.mac [Macro] Longest Tutorial Macro I've seen.

Quest / Event Tutorial.mac [Macro] Longest Tutorial Macro I've seen. 2021-05-01

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Super fun to run through the tutorial with this
I like this, and I like this - a lot.

Accept it's old and has a status of 'unmaintained'.
June2020 and I'm new to RG, VV, MQ2.

In the main it works.

I'd started it after that initial quest to get the key from the jailor and hand it over and stand in gloomingdeep with all the quest npc's around.
It can run through and do the vast majority of quests the zone offers and level from 1 to ~9/10.

A minor issue with the mercenary hire task. On F2P it tries to select 'IV' where the choice is Apprentice I or II. Without hiring, it will go grind on 'kobold infiltrator' mob repeat killing as it can't get the quest update flag.

Knowing this you can stop the macro. Hire the merc you want, healer or tank and then restart the macro. It has the logic to understand the progress and will resume correctly.

There were a small number of navigation fumbles. The character runs and then stops in a tunnel or path. The MQ2 window gets rapid spam of nav error, of the ilk 'unable to find path to' and mentions loc. In some case I stopped macro, moved a bit and restarted. Other times I moved manual and it got going again itself.

Lastly, survivability. I'm referencing some of the tougher challenges in the tutorial. e.g. Spider Tamer Gugan, Queen Gloomfang, Slavemaster Ruga and Overlord Gnikan. The key mix of elements here is your class, your merc and your level. Some of those targets are in quests marked 'group' which makes it obvious why a solo character can struggle. An extra level or two and the odds are more on your side of winning. Slavemaster Ruga is funny. He is at the back with two buddies and a few other spawns ahead of him. The character goes straight for him and can aggro several dark blue mobs and try to deal with them all.

There is a lot of work gone into this macro.
It's a great concept and I'm impressed.