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Leveling Terit's Bad Gear Leveling Guide (WIP)

Software Requirements
Very Vanilla recommended, not required.
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🏢 Live
DISCLAIMER: I don't like dungeons for 6 boxing. MQ2Nav doesn't seem to like them, so I avoid it. If you like dungeons PM me. If I get enough messages I’ll write a dungeon guide as well. This guide is made for those who are starting brand-new with no gear. We stay away from the new leveling path (CR, Blightfire, blah blah) to optimize your ability to kill things with crap gear, since the old areas are tuned for you to be mostly naked or in +1 or +2 stat items.

These level suggestions are given that you are only getting buffs from this 6 box, only have gear you looted personally, etc etc. If you are twinked at all, take this guide as a grain of salt and adjust as necessary.

Every 5 levels I suggest returning to PoK and running PoKScribe (https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/pokscribe.1064/). I also suggest getting a new ini every 5 levels (or making your own), the resources tab has plenty.

Again: This is NOT the fastest route. It is the route I have used that killed me the least amount and didn’t require me to farm or buy gear with my main group.

1-18: Field of Bone.

At level 1 take all your chars (or just the 1+merc) to Field of Bone. Pocketfarm (https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/pocketfarm-mac.310/) is great for this area, esp with more than one toon as they assist each other (for the most part). Stay near the PoK book until about level 5 depending on your gear (I picked up more than enough defiant to deck myself out decently).


At level 5ish take your group to the ramp into the "pit" near the succor point. You want to be a bit inside the ramp, this is where I stopped using pocketfarm and started using KA. Set up a minimal KA which will basically be a pulling spell and assisting with melee at this point. The next picture will detail where I went with level labels.



The next area I chose was Palaudal Caverns. With a 6 box this was a cakewalk, moloing it will again depend on your gear.

Honestly, any bandit camp is good. This area is good to about 25 (I was here to 28).


At 25 you have a few choices of where to go. This depends on how much you want to move zones and how badly you want to optimize your xp.

Eastern Wastes 28-45:
This zone is relatively ok at 28, if you got super lucky with your defiant drops. I’d suggest 32+.

Iceclad Ocean: 28-36

PSSST: This isn’t as far as you think it is. Guild Lobby>Magus to Nedaria’s Landing>North Ro>Iceclad. Don’t take the stone to Great Divide. Great Divide and Eastern Wastes are HUGE zones that take forever to run though. Though I suppose you could kill there too if you want.


Dawnshroud Peaks 36-42:

The caves in the top right are higher level, but they are close enough to dungeons that mq2nav hates it. I don’t go there without a lot of manual play cause I get stuck a lot. YMMV.


Grimling Forest 35-45(I was here to 49):


Burning Woods 45-52:

Slow, steady, easy to get to. These are our goals.


Maiden's Eye: 51-62

At this point things start to get dicey. Keep a campfire up. If you have the spare plat use an empowered campfire. Again, this is all gear dependent and I have bought no gear for these toons whatsoever.


(55) 58-65
At level 58 I went to Plane of Nightmare. Things slowed down significantly from here but I got a lot of plat so that was nice. Set up in the black circle outside of the mobs. In your KA I suggest setting PullArcWidth=180 and facing the direction of the mobs so that you won't pull the named spawn, as this is a raid spawn mob. Your call, of course. I do not recommend being here until 65, but it's possible

Goru'kar Mesa 55-60:

I did try Plane of Storms, and it's not bad in the caves (which I might add to this later), as well as Barindu, but this is going to need to be done when I either a: have better INIs or b: have better gear. Alternatively, both of those zones are possible if you split your group and have some j1 mercs out, since we can afford this by this point.

Goru'kar Mesa is nice because I ran pocketfarm on one toon while assisting and chasing with the others. Pretty easy camp, so long as you avoid the mobs just outside of sunderrock springs.

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