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Guide - Terit's Bad Gear Leveling Guide (WIP)

May 30, 2019
Terit submitted a new resource:

Terit's Bad Gear Leveling Guide - 1-110, 6 box, no PL or Twinking.

DISCLAIMER: I don't like dungeons for 6 boxing. MQ2Nav doesn't seem to like them, so I avoid it. If you like dungeons PM me. If I get enough messages I’ll write a dungeon guide as well. This guide is made for those who are starting brand-new with no gear. We stay away from the new leveling path (CR, Blightfire, blah blah) to optimize your ability to kill things with crap gear. These level suggestions are given that you are only getting buffs from this 6 box, only have gear you looted...
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Oct 4, 2019
Great guide!

One tip I've found useful for dungeons (not a fan either), is using KA chase mode with a distance of 5. After that you're at the whim of the mesh.