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Unmaintained stress test eqbcs (for developers) 2019-12-18

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eqmule provided this to help devs debug eqbcs and I thought it was neat.

Rich (BB code):
| stress.mac
| start it on 6 chars in the same group
| after a while it will lag eqbcs out completely
#turbo 80

#bind CastingRadiantCure /CastingRadiantCure

Sub Main
/declare WhoCastingRcureList string outer
/declare notifyOtherCuring string outer FALSE

    /delay ${Math.Rand[10]}
    /call cast_RadiantCure
/goto :MainLoop  

Sub Bind_CastingRadiantCure(whoCasting, toggle)
    /if (${toggle.Equal[Y]}) {
      /varset WhoCastingRcureList ${WhoCastingRcureList}${whoCasting}|
    } else {
      /varset WhoCastingRcureList ${WhoCastingRcureList.Replace[${whoCasting}|,]}
      /varset notifyOtherCuring FALSE

Sub cast_RadiantCure
  /if (${Bool[${WhoCastingRcureList.Length}]}) {
    /if (!${notifyOtherCuring}) /echo ${WhoCastingRcureList.Replace[|,]} is casting Rcure
    /varset notifyOtherCuring TRUE
  /bc [${Time}] RadiantCure inc... from ${Me.Name}
  /squelch /bcg //CastingRadiantCure ${Me.Name} Y
  /delay 3s
  /squelch /bcg //CastingRadiantCure ${Me.Name} N
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