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Simple Melee macro

Combat Assist Simple Melee macro 1.3

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🏘️ Emu
Hello! This is a simple melee macro that should work effectively with just about any melee class you could want to play. I had a version of this up before the forum change over and I can't seem to access it anymore. It's no problem, as I started tweaking and adding more to it lately as I got back into my emu server of choice.

This macro will make a camp where you activate it at, and make your target it's main assist. So be sure to start it where you want to return between pulls, and with your tank or MA targeted.

I currently uses a small randomized number spread (0-5% + 85%) to determine what percentage of health to assist at, as well as making a timer to return to camp after leaving combat. This is to add a bit more human touch to this. It will definitely show if you're boxing a couple melee characters at once, and they aren't all running in to assist your tank, or running back to camp at the exact same time. Being discreet is key on some servers.

Periodically it will also re-randomize the assist at percentage (currently set to 1 minute, but can be changed in the Scramble sub) with a 5% spread +85%. Example being you could assist your MA/Tank at as low as 85% or as high as 90%, giving your tank time to get a solid amount of aggro.

MQ2Melee handles most of the other melee related stuff. I have a section in for ensuring Bard songs are active, but I have it commented out currently.
That should be about it. Thanks for being great RedGuides, you're all beautiful. If any problems come up let me know! Hope this helps anyone in P2002 with me.

TL;DR - Target MT/MA
move you where you want your camp to be
/mac simplemelee
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