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Utility ShrinkEm 0.3

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Software Requirements
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
Usage: /Macro ShrinkEm

3 edits are required. The ShrinkItem variable, which must be targetable; and the Shrink Delay which is the cast delay plus a little buffer in tenth's of a second 25 = 2.5 seconds, and if the macro should shrink pets or not.

Rich (BB code):
| ShrinkEm Ver 0.3
| Shrinks all members of your group

Sub Main
    | Specify your shrink item's name here, must be able to be Targetable
    /declare ShrinkItem         string    outer        "Bracelet of the Shadow Hive"

    | Cast Delay in 10th's a second, it's also smart to give a little buffer. IE 15 = 1.5 seconds.
    /declare ShrinkDelay        int        outer       15

    | Shrink Pets? 1 = Yes 0 = No   
    /declare ShrinkPets            int        outer        1    

    | No Edits are needed past this point.

    /declare Ver                    string    outer          0.3
    /declare IAmABard                bool    outer        ${Me.Class.Name.Equal[Bard]}

    /call DoShrink

sub DoShrink
    /declare Person            int            local   0
    /if (${IAmABard}) {
        /twist off
        /delay 5
    /for Person 0 to 5
        /if (${Group.Member[${Person}].ID}) {
            /echo Shrinking ${Group.Member[${Person}].Name}
            /target ID ${Group.Member[${Person}].ID}
            /delay 5
            /itemnotify ${ShrinkItem} rightmouseup
            /delay ${ShrinkDelay}
            /itemnotify ${ShrinkItem} rightmouseup
            /delay ${ShrinkDelay}
            /if (${Group.Member[${Person}].Pet.ID} && ${ShrinkPets} >0) {
                /echo Shrinking ${Group.Member[${Person}].Name}'s Pet ${Group.Member[${Person}].Pet.CleanName}
                /target ID ${Group.Member[${Person}].Pet.ID}
                /delay 5
                /itemnotify ${ShrinkItem} rightmouseup
                /delay ${ShrinkDelay}
                /itemnotify ${ShrinkItem} rightmouseup
                /delay ${ShrinkDelay}
    /next Person
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