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MoneyPot.mac (formerly Cauldron.mac)

Utility MoneyPot.mac (formerly Cauldron.mac) 2020-02-28

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Other Authors
TreeHuginDruid, TheFiddler, sl968
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
MoneyPot.mac is my personalized version of a macro to summon and keep/destroy items using the Mage's Cauldron line of spells.

Usage: Setup somewhere safe, like a corner of your guild hall... and place your summoned cauldron of many goods in pack10 inventory slot.

I have the useless and lore crap set to be destroyed if they are summoned, and only keep what I feel are useful items.
You can alter this by adding or removing remark comments in the section directly under:

|--- Comment out what you want to keep, take note if it is LORE.

If the remark character ---> | <--- is at the beginning of the line, then the item will NOT be destroyed, rather autoinventoried.
If the remark character ---> | <--- is NOT at the beginning of the line, then the item WILL be destroyed.

I use it primarily to make stat food and "Bulwark of Many Portals" to give to my melee friends who don't have other means to gate.
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5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest reviews

Well done.
Worked like a charm for me. Brilliant for creation of the single most important item ~ Bulwark of many portals. Just SUPER!! Thank you ~TheFiddler~