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RazNuke 2.0 Official Release

Unmaintained RazNuke 2.0 Official Release 2.0

Download now:  Join us with Level 2 access or earn your way in with  RedCents.
Other Authors
Azum, William12, NyteMyst, Maskoi
Software Requirements

Server Type
🏢 Live Test


MUST have FULL version of game, not TLP Expansion or this will not do you a lot of good. Donators will get access (as they are finished) to lesser expansion versions and beta versions and special requests versions.
MUST have purchased at least RANK 1 of the Heroic for 85 version, TBM for 100 version and EOK for 105 version and RoS for 110 spells! Be dressed for at least the version you are attempting to run. .

Target tank and type "/mac raznuke"
or make a hotkey like this
Rich (BB code):
line2:/tar tankname
line3:/mac raznuke

RazNuke is my personal lovechild, I used multiple versions of AFNuke but found it to be too buggy and unpredictable. It lacked the dps I wanted and knew it was capable of. So after rewriting it into afnuke2 I have now changed enough of it that I am officially renaming it to what it is... EOKNUKE then RazNuke when I released 4 versions of the macro. A ton of people over the years have put work into afnuke and its variations but mine is so far removed that I feel a name change was in order. And the ego part of me wanted to call it RAZNUKE and yes I know that is a bit pretentious of me. This is not a solo project, it took the testing and feedback of a number of friends that all put it to the test. It is not finished but it is stable and ready for public consumption.

I worked on it with the mindset that if it did not help me do more DPS then it was removed! Yes I know you probably have a spellset you want to use, fine change it, good luck with that. Me and my friends tested this with every spellset every wizard claimed was perfect and the one in here is by far the highest SUSTAINED DPS one we have tested. With a NAKED 105 with max AAs we were getting 90k DPS! With my main wizard I get 150k to 225k all damn day! (bard in group running only Fierce Eye) I have NEVER had the tank have to wait for any of my wizzies to med using this lineup! Expect 100k+ average DPS in group content and insane DPS in a raid with this!
I have tested and removed code that was not required for a fire Wizard. I also designed the spellset for a 105 Wizard with the correct AAs to be useful. If you do not have the required AAs and spells then this macro will not perform as intended. If you have a bard or a chanter or a druid expect MUCH higher DPS!

RazNuke105.mac is the main macro, but there is also RazNuke85, RakNuke100 and RazNuke110 to keep you blasting as you level a heroic!
General.inc - this is based on Williams and is a REQUIREMENT to make this macro work correctly! Replace yours!

Q: How much time has gone into RazNuke?
A: I lost count of how long I have working on this beast but I know it is hundreds of hours. My wife thinks I am having an affair on my computer, I told her I am, with a hot chick named RazNuke!

Q: Does this work on TLP?
A: NOPE, not now, not ever, it is designed for The Broken Mirror, as a matter of fact it ONLY works on Heroic or 100+

Q: Does this work on lesser expansions?
A: No, other versions may be posted in the future but for now only TBM, although donators will get access to other expansionsas they are done and also custom versions for testing.

Q: Do I need holies or downshits?
A: No, all holies and downs have been built into the program now.

Q: Do I need to mem a spellset?
A: No, all spells are auto populated when you run the mac the 1st time.

Q: Will you ever charge for this macro?
A: Yes, Subscription and donators get access to content as it is added and donations will allow more changes as the game changes.

Q: I donated in the past on AFNuke2/EoK, do I qualify as a donor?
A: Absolutly! PM me your dropbox email, and I'll add you to my shared folder. The dropbox will always have the same files as here, only faster ALPHA

Q: I love this macro! How can I show my support for future development?

Donor Benefits - Paypal or Krono Donation but honestly prefer paypal

NEW! Dropbox access to the latest alpha / beta / official releases. PM me for more information.
Private Alpha/beta Releases - Bugfixes - Dropbox Donators Only - Some Builds Unstable - Custom builds available

Major Release History - Stable Release
1.0 - 11/30/2018 - Public Beta Releases - Mostly Stable with limited testers
1.5 - released to Redguides with major fixes
2.0 - 8/1/2018 Released on Redguides as a subscription (same version as the dropbox users BETA version.

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